Walking onto the Baltoro Glacier

Today’s walk saw us finally walking on the Baltoro Glacier proper. This is high and wild country, with parts having no clear route, and other parts where you are leaping from rock to rock to avoid the glacial streams threading thru the landscape. Needless to say, its a beautiful place. The group are all doing well, and enjoying the company of climbers headed off to other mountains, but at this point we are all still trekking together up valley. Don Bowie who has been here many times over the years, pointed out to us and an Italian team some of the giants as we walked by; Nameless tower and Trango tower to name a few.
Walking with these Balti porters, you begin to develop a healthy respect for just how strong these guys are. There are no teahouses up here to duck into for a quick visit and meal, no clear trail, the going is tough without yak support, few carry animals, and yet these guys do it all with a smile on their face. They are a passionate people, and take great pride in their work.
We are camping at about 13,500ft tonight, and tomorrow takes us even higher. Hopefully if all continues as planned, we should be in Broad Peak basecamp in a few days.
Cheers to all!

Kat and Don and Tshering check out Namless and Trango Towers

Porter lunchbreak


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