Paju Camp

Greetings everyone.
Today was another 7hr 90degree scorcher, but we arrived in Paju Camp by early afternoon. Mercifully some clouds have moved in making hanging out in tents bearable.
Lapka and I were looking at pics in his book on k2 about expeditions here in the ’70’s, Kat took a “bucket shower” which consisted of hiding in a shower stall out of the wind with a bucket of water, and Tshering and I have been playing with satellite phone equipment as usual!
We managed to pick up the bbc on shortwave today, so caught up with a bit of world cup action!
It’s nice to hear how the rest of the world is doing! Tomorrow will be a rest day so our Balti porters have organized some danciing for tonight! Ian promises to do the funky chicken and I will be there camera in hand to record all!
Stay tuned for what I am sure will be great pics!

Paju Camp

Porter tea time


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