STS K2 Expedition 2010

Dispatches will start soon!

The Cesen Route (SSE Spur) on K2 This season our first route preference, if the conditions are good, will once again be via the Cesen Route – the lesser climbed SSE spur first claimed by Alpinist Tomo Cesen. / The 4000 meter long Cesen route (also dubbed the ‘Basque route’ or ‘Spanish Route’), follows a spur, just on the right side of the South face, which leads to the shoulder at 7800m, where it joins the Abruzzi Spur route, above camp 3. It has been said that the route is technically slightly more demanding than the Abruzzi, but safer if the conditions are good. If conditions don’t favor the Cesen on our arrival, the expedition will have the flexibility to alter routes. / Regardless of the route we will be on, the style of our climb will require that all four of us take an active part in preparing the route above C2 and carrying a share of the loads. Based on the experiences of others and suggestions, our team will be acclimatizing on another 8000m peak across the valley, Broad Peak, up to a minimum elevation of Camp3 before moving onto K2. /

K2 upper section


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