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Now that the 2012 Cotopaxi program is complete, we’ve collected all the action including videos and photos from the last year right here. Who are these people? Learn about the team. First time visitor? Learn about this program and what we’re all about. This program would not happen without the generous support of sponsors and individuals.

While in Ecuador our nimble media crew shot, edited, and published these videos on the fly.

Acclimatization climb on the East Lava Flow route of Guagua Pichincha

We had to get to the mountain somehow. Start trekking… across the Ecuadorian Andes

Nerves ans sleepless nights… Countdown to Cotopaxi Summit Attempt

Day 13 – Cotopaxi Summit Day

Prior to the team’s departure for Ecuador we met twice in Colorado to train.

S2S October Training – 2012 Cotopaxi Team

S2S July Training – 2012 Cotopaxi Team

Cotopaxi Expedition Route Map Across Ecuador

View Cotopaxi Expedition Trek and Climb (DJ) in a larger map

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