The Broad

Greetings everyone. Today was another day of sorting and re packing for our 1st carry up to camp 1 day after tomorrow.
Everyone is in fine form and we were all excited to be breaking into the snacks and treats we brought from home. A bit of cheese and crackers, pistachio nuts, jelly beans, all the really important stuff came out today!
We also looked over our mountain food and what will go where when why and how. Thus is life on an expedition. The afternoon snows have returned so we have all retreated to our respective tents. Lapka and Tshering are listening to a station from India on their shortwave, Katrina is rocking out on her headphones, and I of course am in my tent “geeking out” with all the communications gear trying to get the dispatch out!
The clouds and snow this afternoon have prevented me from charging everything right up, but I was able to catch this shot right out my front door this morning. Broad Peak! K2 which is a view out the other door wasnt cooperating with the cloud cover today. I guess she wants to stay a surprise for later!
Tonight most of the team is in basecamp with us, with a few folks that arrived a few days before us already on a rotation to sleep at camp1 tonight. I have a serious match with Joe from Norway to see if I can defend my connect4 champion title (a game for 10 year olds, but lots of fun for us at 16,000ft)!
Katrina has enjoyed hanging out with one of our trekkers, Nikki, who is Garth’s girlfriend. I know she has appreciated the “girl time” in the midst of all the stinky hairy climbing beasts.
All’s well here for now!

WIll the real Broad Peak please stand up


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