Puja and Preparation

Puja day! A buddist ceremony might seem out of place when it comes to climbing in Islamic Pakistan, but the four of us felt like it was an important ceremony regardless of where you are climbing. As the Rimpoche Lama said to us today, “you dont stop doing what you believe just because you are far from home”. How true.
So today Lakpa Tshering and I went to Bodanath to recieve our blessing. We brought prayer flags to string over basecamp once we arrive, and went to see the RImpoche. All three of us felt better for the experience!
Then a quick visit to one of our sponors headquarters, Sherpa Adventure Gear, and we are back in the shade trying to escape the mid day heat!
Katrina arrived in Islamabad at about 2.30am today, so she is the 1st of our team on the ground. The three of us will fly tomorrow afternoon, Inshallah. ( You will see this a lot on this trip, loosely translated it means “if God wills it”).
Stay tuned!


Lakpa and Tshering


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