Basecamp gathering

Todays rest day was filled with preparations for our hopeful move to camp1 tomorrow. Everyone stayed at basecamp today, not just the 2nd wave of climbers, due to bad weather all over the valley. Its been snowing most of the day, with hints of sun here and there.
So like most families, what do you do when everyone is in town? Have a get together!
Word went out up and down basecamp to all teams that were around to come over for tea and a visit. Seems like no one turned down the invite! The dining tent was heaving with people most of the afternoon. A group from Spain, a group of Slovak’s, some fantastic world class skiers from Dynafit attempting to ski Broad Peak, (one of whom is actually from Breckenridge, Colorado, close to my home! Nice to get some hometown boys representing up here!)
Mike Horn, a Swiss, who has done more polar exploration than most folks dream about, and the list goes on and on. The stories and laughter went well into the afternoon, in multiple languages, fueled by various blends of “firewater” that most teams have brought with them. For the Spanish, wine, for the Slovak’s, some type of high grade rocket fuel, for the gringos like us, scotch all around!
If the weather clears like it is supposed to we will be moving up to camp1 for a “overnight” tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

the gangs all here


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